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News Title: Part II. Questions without Indicators (3 Questions)
Post Time: 2008-11-27 Views:11656    

1. What kind of device do you usually use to access the Internet? (Multiple Selections)
1) Desk-top Computer
2) Lap-top Computer
3) Mobile phone
4) Internet-enabled television set
5) Others (PDA, Game machine with interconnection)
2. For what purposes do you mostly use the internet? (Multiple Selections)
NOTE: THE JOINT SURVEY REPORT WILL FINALLY COMPARE RESULTS (IN PERCENTAGE) OF THE 13 ITEMS IN BOLD FONTS, THE SUB ITEMS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY. (It is optional for members to further survey the sub items when the interviewee gives affirmative answer to the main items)

Main Items
1) For getting information
① Goods or services
② Job-related issues like recruitment
③ Related to health or health services
④ Real estate
⑤ From government organization/public authorities
⑥ Other information/web surfing (including Search Engines)
2) Communication by text
① E-mail
② Chatting / messenger
3) Shopping/reservation
4) Leisure
① Music
② Video or computer game (including download program)
③ Downloading a movie, programs, images, etc.
④ Listening to radio / Watching TV
⑤ E-book, magazine, Reading newspaper or downloading
5) Education
① Formal education for getting grades( for degree)
② Informal education
6) Financial activities
① Internet banking
② Stock trade
7) Online community
8) Homepages
① Own homepage
② Mini- homepage, Blog
9) Job Search activities(Online application)
10) Public services
① Issuing civil affairs document
② Policy proposal/accusation
③ Applying for or downloading public form
④ Writing online application
⑤ Paying for charge by online
11) Internet Telephone
12) Selling goods/services
13) Downloading /upgrading software

3. What’s the major reason(s) for your not accessing to the Internet? (Multiple Selections, for non-users)
1) Not interested or consider it’s useless
2) Lack of confidence or skills
3) No device (computer, telephone, Modem) or no Internet connections
4) Don’t have time to use
5) Connection fee is too high
6) Concern that content is harmful
7) Privacy concerns
8) Viruses and security concerns
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