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News Title: CNNIC Released the 35th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China
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On February 3, 2015, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 35th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) in Beijing. The Report shows that as of December 2014, China had an Internet user base of 649 million and an Internet penetration rate of 47.9%. Specifically, mobile apps for travel reservation beat other mobile apps with the annual user growth rate of 194.6%; the O2O (Online to Offline) market had grown rapidly and O2O had become a pace-setting business mode in the industry; China’s Internet business sector had made considerable progress in the overall environment, Internet app popularization and the development of hot industries.

Mobile business apps are in explosion and mobile apps have become the “mainstay”
  As of December 2014, China had 557 million mobile Internet users, an increase of 56.72 million over the end of 2013, and the percentage of those using mobile phones to go online jumped from 81.0% in 2013 to 85.8%. The use of mobile instant message apps had grown steadily, attracting 91.2% of the mobile Internet users. The explosion of mobile online games had slowed down and stabilized and their market share is expected to further increase in 2015. Users of mobile travel reservation apps had increased by 194.6%, making them the fastest-growing category of mobile business apps. Other mobile business apps including mobile e-shopping, mobile payment and mobile banking had grown by 63.5%, 73.2% and 69.2%, respectively, an annual growth higher than that of other mobile apps.

  Driven by mobile Internet, personal Internet apps had maintained an upward trend. Instant message apps, as the biggest category of apps, had attracted 90.6% of Internet users. Tablets which are entertaining and convenient had become a major entertainment device for Internet users and had attracted 34.8% of users by the end of 2014.

Attitude towards Internet: trust and sharing  
  As of December 2014, 54.5% of the Internet users showed trust in online information, a remarkable increase from 35.1% in 2007. E-trust becomes an integral part of social trust and lays the social foundation for the application and development of deep networks of e-commerce and Internet finance.

  Statistics also show that 60.0% of Chinese Internet users are positive about sharing on the Internet, 13.0% of whom show strong desire to do so and 47.0% moderate desire. Among Internet users aged between 10 and 19, 65.9% of them are strongly or moderately interested in sharing on the Internet. By sharing information and resources, Internet users can not only reduce communication costs, but also create cultural values.

The O2O has tremendous market potentials, with strong demands on medical and domestic services

  O2O businesses first grabbed the market in first-tiered cities, attracting 39.2% of moderate and heavy users, and O2O consumption had shifted from quantity increase to quality improvement; they are stretching to second- and third-tiered cities, and the huge consumption potentials will promote the O2O market to grow in size and quality.

  eanwhile, catering and leisure O2O business started early and their market mode is increasingly mature and services are being refined. The development of medical and domestic service O2O business just took off and has huge development potentials for users have strong demands on them.
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