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Introduction Location:Asia Pacific Internet Research AllianceIntroduction

The full name for APIRA is Asia Pacific Internet Research Alliance. APIRA was founded on September 27, 2003. It is a spontaneously organized and non-profit organization. It is a regional academic organization and is not subjected to any other organizations.

 The aim of the alliance is to enhance communication and comparison in Asia-Pacific region on the Internet information, deepen the research on statistical techniques of the Internet information, facilitate the cooperation among Asia-Pacific countries and regions on the Internet information survey and research, and boost the regional development of the Internet researches. All Internet research oriented organizations, include but not limited in companies, enterprises, research institutes, colleges and other Internet organizations located in Asia-Pacific region can join voluntarily without paying any charges.

At the end of each year, each APIRA members shall conduct a statistical survey on the local Internet development situation during a same period and base on compatible survey methodology and questionnaire. APIRA member organizations shall host annual member meeting in turn. On the meeting, member organizations shall report on their latest findings, discuss on newly emerged Internet technologies and phenomenon, research on Internet information statistical technologies and layout the next year's working plans of APIRA.

 APIRA will timely post statistics and researching reports from member organizations and the community all over the world. APIRA members are automatically qualified for the right to use the resources.